Ok on My Own


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Ok on My Own (ft. Josbi):

It's not enough, it's not enough,
it's not enough it's not
rip it up, try and clean it but
Self sabotage like a paper cut

Day wasn't mine, watch passing time
attacking my front line, but I feel fine

Waiting on, some bitter love,
been keeping up all night
It's not enough, like once a month
I open up my eyes

Keep on trying till it's over
Only time that I comply
Set myself up for a fortune
Once I stop telling this lie
Wan' be okay on my own
As I get older
I feel even more alone
Lost track of where I'm comin' from

I've been writing, reciting these words
já nem sei mais (now I don't know) if its worth
Life by her side doesn’t work, five minutes I get a nerve
Itching, I’m grabbing a spliff, piffin’ like I’m tryna quit
Living, I hop in the whip, gotta get outta this shit

And I don't even drive I just Vinny Chase it
Meaning I don't want that drama around me when I make it
And baby we got a past but that’s all in the past
My mentality now is money orientated

Your ego must be inflated I pray that gravity hit you
We been through a lot but you ain’t bringing me down with you nah
Fico fudido se eu lembro do que eu preciso (Depression hits when I remember what I need)
Sozinho eu to bem agora mas era melhor contigo (Alone, I’m fine now, but it was better with you)

Sem aviso ela se foi do nada meteu o pé (Without any warning she left)
Me deixou liso levou tudo incluindo a minha fé (Left me bare, took even my faith)
E eu com esses gringo falando dessa mulher (And now I’m talking with these gringos about her)
Não é engraçado o que mais faz falta é o seu cafuné yeah (Ain’t it funny what I miss the most is your cafuné?)


released July 24, 2017

Written by Sedona Schat and Noah Yoo
Produced by Noah Yoo
Featuring Josbi
Mixed by Jack Hallenbeck at Jack's Snack Shack in New York, NY
Mastered by Birocratic (@Birocratic)
Artwork by Noah Yoo



all rights reserved


CAFUNÉ Brooklyn, New York

sedona & noah

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